Monday, September 14, 2009

There are probably some much better blogs than mine

I'm definitely a fan of the things that T-Rex is talking about. I like to laugh at the horrible things in life, and laugh at how terrible life is.

It's a bit like this: there are so many posters and mugs and knick-knacks out there trying to get you to buck up and be optimistic. Sometimes, though, life really is pretty awful, and there is nothing you can do about that. Last year, for Father's Day, I set up a store in Cafe Press to make shirts and mugs saying, "Not Exactly the World's Greatest Dad," with the "Not Exactly" part in smaller letters on top. I also made shirts that said in big letters, "CREDIT RISK." I was pretty pleased with myself, but I am not sure that I sold anything. Maybe some day I will print and market the shirts myself, or something.

There is an ironic value in these things, in the sense that people do not often celebrate their failings in life, nor (to get back to the subject) do they remind people of how horrible life is. (I get reminders every goddamn day, I really don't need any help.) At the same time, though, it is up front, brutal honesty. It feels more genuine to have a mug that says, "Maybe Mondays Aren't the Problem; Maybe I'm the Problem."

Is this post-irony? Some kind of post-modern fusion? Fuck if I know. But there is a value in confronting and embracing the worst aspects of life, and choosing not only to embrace them but to laugh them as well. It beats the heck out of trying to evade these things for the majority of our lives, and have it all catch up to us when we're too old to do anything about it.

If you also happen to enjoy laughing at these things, you should probably check out A Softer World (which you have probably heard of) and Joshua Green Allen's Twitter (which you probably have not heard of). The latter has such gems as...
  • Guess who made some brownies?? Seriously, guess. TAKE A FUCKING -- actually, I'm not sure. I found them on the sidewalk. They're pretty bad.
  • I said I can undo a bra with my feet, she asked what my feet were doing later, I said probably running away from some angry topless lady.
  • I tell people I met my wife at a methadone clinic because it's easier than trying to explain the internet.
Seriously, you should go read it.

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