Thursday, October 1, 2009

I know I am overanalyzing this, okay

T-Rex seems to be the only person here who is day-dreaming about something unpleasant. All the rest are day-dreaming about how they wish T-Rex were a better friend, but then they let out a discontented sigh as they realize he is never going to be like that.

T-Rex is generally a bad friend.  Not always, but generally. Of course, he also has some admirable qualities, mostly in that he comes up with ideas that are wicked sweet, and we wish we had thought of those ideas. It is common for a viewer to want to be the main character of a work of fiction, because they are often portrayed as being made of pure, flawless awesome. If we want to identify with T-Rex, though, we have to say to ourselves, "I am a dude with some awesome ideas, but I am also a terrible friend."

Maybe this is what is supposed to happen! Imagine that you are a terrible friend, who really could be doing more nice things for your friends. When you are in the store, see if there is anything that makes you think, "My friend would enjoy owning this!" Or, you know, you could also make something. That is a good alternative for the anti-consumerist.

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