Sunday, October 11, 2009

The state of the blog

Last week I reached something of a milestone with this blog: during the entire month of September, I commented on every single Dinosaur Comic. I plan to do this for the foreseeable future. I'd only let myself stop if... I were in a coma. That's the only thing I can think of that would prevent me from writing.

Granted, I have a backlog of comics to write about right now. This is purely because last week, it was "that time of the month," by which I mean the time of the month when the internet company shuts off our service because we haven't paid the bill, and nobody in the house can afford to get it turned back on for at least a few days. (Oh, and then I had a date that turned into a trip to the ER, but that is a longer story.) Maybe I'll crank them all out in one sustained session, or a "lightning round," but more likely I will spend an hour on each one of them until I decide I can't make it any better than it is.

I will admit that not all of my posts are "grade A quality," but some days, I read the comic and then say, "What the fuck am I going to say about that?" Sometimes I manage to turn those days into quality writing, so if you ask me, it is to my credit that there aren't more posts that suck.

But this is not a blog of apologies (except in the classical sense of an apology being a defense, like in Plato's "Apology"). It is a blog for getting shit done that maybe doesn't have to be done but I do it anyway. And I do it for you as much as I do it for myself.

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heywassupman said...

I've enjoyed a whole bunch of your posts, so it's great to hear you are going to continue them!