Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yeah, I got nothin'

The thing about stuff being stuck in your teeth is that when someone points it out to you, it doesn't always help. They're trying to give you directions on where it is, and they keep saying, "No, no, other way... okay, it's still there..." Going to the mirror is what you should really do, if it's that big of a deal, but in the heat of the moment, that doesn't occur to you. (Remember this for the future: IF SOMETHING IS STUCK IN YOUR TEETH, FIND A MIRROR.)

Sending someone an "ecard" bypasses this entire awkward experience. The person is going to go directly to the mirror to try to get rid of that thing. There will be no awkward, drawn-out sequence. You also don't draw any attention to yourself, so if there is someone you're concerned about impressing, you can pretend that person never noticed the thing in your teeth.

See how I switched pronouns there? That's a little writing trick we writers use. It's called "making a mistake but being too lazy to fix it."

I'm going to take this opportunity to tell you to get the Greasemonkey script that displays all three easter eggs for each Dinosaur Comic: the title text, the "alt text," and the e-mail subject line when you click on "Contact." It's like expanding the comic from six panels to nine panels. That is 50% more comic! There is no reason not to have this script! Unless that reason is "I don't use Firefox" in which case you are missing out on a whole lot of things, my friend. A whole lot.

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